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Daily Deals

How it works

Several times a week, we’ll feature a family-friendly deal from a local merchant. Each deal will go out to parents at selected schools via email.


What’s the benefit for my business?

  1. Risk-free advertising to an extremely targeted list. There is no risk to your business!
  2. No up-front costs. Plus you receive a check for 50% of the deal revenue within 3 days of the deal closing!
  3. Supporting your local schools. A percentage of every sale goes back to the school so you are viewed as a business that cares about your community. Parents like to do business with companies that support their schools!
  4. Get word-of-mouth buzz. We all know the best way to grow your business is through word-of-mouth. What could be better than parents at a school sharing your great deal or family-friendly event on Facebook or Twitter?

What type of deal should I run?

Our team will work with you to structure the most effective deal. We’ll strive to find ways that will get schools excited about your deal so they go the extra mile to promote it.

Is Deals from AtoZ just another
deal site?

Absolutely not! Our relationship with the schools makes us unique! We partner with schools across the DC Metro area who benefit from every deal sold. Parents buying your deals will be local and likely repeat customers.

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