Fantastic Features

An easy-to-use directory solution, not just for schools.


PTA’s & PTO’s, We’ve got you covered.


HOA’s We have a solution for you as well.


Organizations & Churches – Let’s Work!

School Features:

Secure Mobile Directory


Give access to all parents, or limit access to parent group members. It’s the perfect solution if your school is going green!

Download to enjoy these features!

  • Access Directory on-the-go
  • GPS directions
  • Call, Text, Email directly

Parent Data Verification

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Once data has been imported, parents will receive a system-generated email containing their temporary login information.


Parents can simply login and verify their household information in a few quick steps.


Information can be changed or updated whenever needed. No more outdated directories!

Email Blasts


Use our pre-made templates, or create your own for a personalized look!


Body tags allow you to insert information from the database such as student last name, user login and user password, even address


Custom lists allow you to email only those who you need to! By Teacher, Grade, etc.

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Data Import / Export

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Upload your data right into our software to get started creating your directory.


Edit and Update your family data including parent contact information, teacher assignments, departments and job titles.


Once happy, you have the ability to export your data to a variety of different formats

Multiple Print Formats

Student Listings

Choose from a variety of different formats depending on what information you would like to show up in your directory

Class Rosters

Create well organized class rosters by Grade and Teacher

School Info

Provide us with your school’s information to be included in your directory.

Track Memberships

1. Verification

As parents verify their directory information, they have the option to purchase a membership.

2. Enrollment

Once a membership is purchased, fees can be paid directly online through our secure portal.

3. Track

Admins can track who has paid their membership fees – All from our online portal.

Accept Credit Cards

Start Accepting Payments


Your users are already on our platform, so why send them somewhere else to pay for membership fees, products, etc. Use our secure portal to start accepting credit cards today.


End of Year Cleanup


When students graduate, It’s easy to archive those students in preparation for next years incoming class!

Incoming Students

Once you’re received you list of new students, It’s quick and easy to get them setup into your directory!

Grocery Store Cards


Put those points to good use!

Our software gives you a centralized place to store this valuable information so you are not asking your parents for it every year. Ultimately this means more money to your parent group!

Customize Your School

1. Custom Fields

Turn on and off certain features of our software. Or create fields that make sense to you schools setup.

2. Colors and logo

Adjust colors and add your logo for a personalized touch parents will see when logging into our software!

3. Products

You have the ability to add products for your school, Set price levels and sell memberships all in one spot!

Fundraising Features

Reach Your Goals.


We’re just here to give you the kick-start you need!

In addition to having a beautiful and well formatted directory -You can also sell mobile advertising space as a way top reach your fundraising goals!

Handle Complex Directory Data


We have taken into consideration many complex situations in which could cause your directory data to be inaccurate.

  • Divorced Families
  • Duplicate Households
  • Parents with Different Last Names

Send Home Letters

Not everyone in your database has an email address. Our software allows you to easily create letters that you can sort by teacher/grade and gets sent home via “backpack express”.

Create Letters.

Generate letters to users that have been imported into your directory.

Perform Mail Merge.

Using your schools directory information, perform a mail merge to personalize each printed letter.


Send letters home with students via “backpack express”.


Teacher + Staff Access


Access For All

With the ability for teachers and staff to access the directory, The daunting task of keeping up-to-date parent contact information is virtually eliminated.

Less Headaches For Everyone

It’s your data, It should be available for those who need it – when they need it.

User Privacy


Your data, is YOUR data. It will never be sold or shared with third-parties.


128-bit SSL encryption on all of our servers make your information safe.


Every group using our products has its data kept in a safe and secure environment and each school will have complete control of their information.