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Volunteer Manager is now a part of the AtoZ Directories product suite. Rest assured you will have the functions and features you’ve been accustomed to with Volunteer Manager, plus much more!

If your school has already purchased Volunteer Manager or recently started a Free Trial, you should have received an email from AtoZ Directories with a New Login. You will be taken to a quick personalized tour of the software. Log in and get started now!

If your school does not currently have a Volunteer Manager account, click on FREE TRIAL so we can set up an account for you.

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About AtoZ Directories

Our mission is to strengthen schools and communities by simplifying how their participants organize, communicate, share and connect.

AtoZ Directories has been serving the needs of the parent-teacher world for 8+ years with our directory-creation software and school directory App.

Software Highlights

  • Mass Email to Parents/Teachers/Custom groups
  • Track Volunteer Hours/ Schedule Events
  • Enable CC payments by parents for products
  • Import/Export data
  • Generate membership/sales reports
  • All safe, secure and accessible on a phone, tablet or computer