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What We Do

A multitude of studies have demonstrated that parental involvement is directly correlated with student achievement. And those schools with directories facilitate this involvement even more.

AtoZ Directories was created to help parent groups accomplish the daunting task of creating the school directory—that seemingly simple book that brings together families for birthday parties, helps teachers contact parents regarding their student’s performance, not to mention serves as a reference for school policies and events.

As a startup company based in Rockville, Maryland, we are a small team of dedicated employees who are big on serving the needs of the parent-teacher world with our directory-creation software and school directory app.

AtoZ Directories directory-creation software streamlines the directory-creation process by allowing PTOs and PTAs to upload their family data to a secure, proprietary database from which they can edit, update, and format family data. Our software transforms this data into print-ready reports of student listings and class rosters.

In addition, our App allows parents to access directory data from their smart phones, tablets, even computers, providing them the ability to call, text, email, and get driving directions directly from the app.

We currently work with over 250 schools in the DC Metro area and close to 300 across the U.S., helping them to produce either a print directory or directory app. We have also customized our software for several local religious congregations and 25 local Home Owners Associations (HOAs).